09.02.07 - Added The Brood in Ooh, I like it !
10.02.07 - Added Block Buster in Ooh, I like it !
11.02.07 - Added Another day in paradise in My Kingdom, my castle
13.02.07 - Added Forever young in School's out
15.02.07 - Added Step back in time in Runaway train
21.02.07 - Added I wish I could fly in In the army now
22.02.07 - Added I wish I could fly - 2 in In the army now
27.02.07 - Added Anotherbrick in the wall in Ooh, I like it !
04.03.07 - Added Workaholic in My hometown
08.03.07 - Added Spinning wheel blues in Ooh, I like it !
12.03.07 - Added 1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer in My hometown
16-18.03.07 - UES on the road
19.03.07 - Added Waiting for the sun in My Kingdom, my castle
21.03.07 - Added Thru these walls in Working in a coalmine
23.03.07 - Added Swimming in the pool in Twisting by the pool
25.03.07 - UES on the road
27.03.07 - Added Our house in LOCS
03.04.07 - Added Stone dead forever in Ooh, I like it !
08.04.07 - UES on the road - look here
09.04.07 - Added Here we go again in Ooh, I like it !
15.04.07 - UES on the road - F. in the flemish part -here- and F. in the french part -here- of Belgium
15.04.07 - Added Pretty paper ( part 1) in Ooh, I like it !
21.04.07 - UES on the road - look here
22.04.07 - UES on the road - look here
23.04.07 - Added Rust never sleeps in Iron man
01.05.07 - UES on the road - look here and here
05.05.07 - UES was bored and took the car searching for new locations
06.05.07 - Added Pretty paper (part2) in Ooh, I like it !
10.05.07 - UES visited the same place that isn't still online, in the evening - look here and here
17.05.07 - Free day in Belgium and F called to F and they went for a couple of hours to the most boring and empty but rather big, well known location, so you will find this location never in LOCS. Only 1 pic here. If you wanna visit this place ( or if you are searching for some Polish workers... ) be quick, 'cause renovation will start soon!
21.05.07 - UES on the road - look here or here
03.06.07- Still a lot of work but here's a very recent location so added Heart of stone in Ooh, I like it !
08.06.07 - UES on the road - look here
10.06.07 - UES on the road - look here and here
26.06.07 - Added Fools in love in Mama weer all crazee now
30/01.06/07.07 - F on weekend with a lot of people. And even when the UES is on weekend they never stop with the urbex thing !
Together with a friend ( who's not an urban guy, but he loves it what we are doing and he's got a car of the company !!! )
we drove about 350 km to get to the region we wanted to prospect, 'cause we knew that there had to be something.
And it was worthed....will go back in august for 2 or 3 days.
Another result : my wife mad and this
or this
15.07.07 - UES on the road and added Cotton eye joe in Ooh, I like it !
04.08.07 - UES on the road

05.09.07 - A little bit behind with uploading, but the UES has been very active the last weeks with
scouting and exploring, and the future looks also promising !
So enjoy the locations that are allready online and visit us regulary
to check things out !

01.11.07 - Time go's fast.....we are gonna change the manner of presenting locations ! How ?
Don't know right now, but it will be done very soon. By the way, the squad is still very active, so
don't worry about new locations or so. Gonna add also a guestbook and add a few links.
Hopefully more next week !!!

06.11.07 - Added "Photo of the day". This will be the new way of showing locations. Not anymore
by showing 10 or 15 pics of one location. Hopefully every day an new photo with if necessary some explanation
or additional information. Gonna also add an archive where you can always view these photos.
And also the guestbook is coming !

07.11.07 - As I'm not a IT-guy I'm still working on the Photo of the day-thingie, and now it seems to be ok.
The archive is not yet on the site but in the test-phase it's working, so this will also be online this week.
Only the guestbook seems to be a problem,as I am -like I allready said- no webdesigner-freak. Will ask some persons
if they can help me with it...or if you can help me, don't hesitate to contact the UES !!

11.11.07 - Seems that everything is working, and I'm very happy that the guestbook is ok, but that is thanx
to the one and only TOM ! Thanx dude !
Oh yeah, for the photo of the day, normally I'll change it the day before. So for like today I'm gonna put the photo
for 12.11.07 within 15 minutes, if you know what I mean....pfffff...what an explanation.
This rule could slightly change in the weekend....

02.12.07 - Went yesterday for a quick investigation visit to a possible new location. The place is closed for 3 years now,
but when I arrived at the back I saw a car ...so I walked to it. A nervous looking guy came to me and asked
what I was doing. I asked him if I could take some pics but he said that I better could leave the site. So I did and drove back
to the front, took some pics and asked in the neighbourhood about the factory. Looks like 20% of the place is still in use
despite of what I read in some articles I found about this place...
So... that's 80% not in use ! This is "the" place for infiltrating !
If anyone is interested in this, feel free to contact.

26.12.07 - Don't worry....2 days no photo of the day due to christmas and stuff..but back on track again.
The urbexforum has also changed completely. If you're realy mean it with urbex, give the site a visit...
if not, stay away from it !

24.01.08 - Just to say that there won't be photo's of the day on 26, 27 and 28.01.08 ....

26.06.08 - Just to say that there won't be photo's of the day on 27 and 29.06.08 ....